All About Tea: DIY Teas to Reduce Stress

Step 1: Grab Your Favorite Mug

A healthy way that I’ve found to help deal with the mounting stress of classes, exams, and homework has been a daily routine of homemade teas. There’s something to be said for a hot drink after a long day, and all of the following teas have the additional bonus of being healthy. While a sweetener isn’t necessary, I’ve personally never been able to properly enjoy my tea plain. An easy way around this is to sweeten with honey instead of granulated sugar: it has the same sweetening effect, and it is much better for you! So whenever you start to feel overwhelmed with your workload, take a look at these four teas:

The Tea Lineup:

Ginger Tea: As my go-to drink, ginger has been somewhat of a superfood for me this year: I drink it in tea every day, as well as snack on ginger chew candies when I’m craving something a bit sweeter. Ginger has a lot of really great health benefits, and the slight spiciness of it works perfectly in a tea. I can drink this at any point during the day, and it’s great hot or cold. I make this in big batches, so to store it I use an old sangria jug (holds about 15 cups) in the fridge, so I only need to make it once every couple of weeks. You can find the recipe here

Apple Cider Vinegar Tea: I’ve seen this most commonly advertised as a “detox tea,” but don’t let that scare you away: it tastes a lot better than it sounds. Using honey and lemon juice to balance out the vinegar, I’ve been enjoying this tea almost every morning before class.  It’s great to give you an extra boost to your day, and along with the many health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, it will help you start off your morning feeling great! The recipe I use is here

Gather Your Supplies

Loose-leaf Tea:
I’ve always held somewhat of a fascination with loose-leaf tea. It’s the process of making this tea that relaxes me: it’s easy, but there’s still more to it than just using a tea bag, so the end result feels more satisfying. I have to admit that I’ve probably spent more than I should have over the years at Teavana, especially for my student budget. While Teavana is great for their selection of teas, there are also so many options in any regular grocery store that provides loose-leaf, so you don’t have to break the bank.

Loose-Leaf Flavor of the Day: Apricot

Chamomile Tea: This is such a classic tea for reducing stress and prompting relaxation, and it’s hard to get tired of it when there are so many different kinds: my current favorite is a vanilla-lavender-citrus blend (that initially drew my eye only because of the colorful elephants on the box!). A popular brand of chamomile that I use is the Sleepytime variety, and it works great to unwind and relax after a long day at school.


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