All About Tea: DIY Teas to Reduce Stress

Step 1: Grab Your Favorite Mug

A healthy way that I’ve found to help deal with the mounting stress of classes, exams, and homework has been a daily routine of homemade teas. There’s something to be said for a hot drink after a long day, and all of the following teas have the additional bonus of being healthy. While a sweetener isn’t necessary, I’ve personally never been able to properly enjoy my tea plain. An easy way around this is to sweeten with honey instead of granulated sugar: it has the same sweetening effect, and it is much better for you! So whenever you start to feel overwhelmed with your workload, take a look at these four teas:

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An Inside Look: Meal Prepping

Fruit-filled smoothie bags for a quick breakfast

One of the most useful things I’ve done since moving into my new apartment is set up a meal prep routine. It was something I’ve heard of other people doing, but for a long time I was skeptical: I thought it’d be too expensive, and take up too much time. I worried that the food wouldn’t reheat well, or that I’d quickly get bored with my meals each week. It wasn’t until one of my roommates insisted on attempting it that I finally gave it a shot, and I haven’t looked back since.

First things first, let’s tackle some of my initial worries about meal prepping:

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